Organic slug & snail remedy

Problems with slugs and snails eating your plants? Get two bulbs of garlic, and smoosh them with a rolling pin...take out your frustration on them. Put them in 2 pints of water, and simmer for one hour. Let the liquid cool, and strain into a container. Use one tablespoon of the liquid to one gallon of water. One use of this is supposed to be sufficient, but I use it maybe every two months. Use it on any plant that is suseptible to slug attack.

Snails and slugs are mollusks part of the Gastropod family. The Gastropods family consists of both aquatic and terrestrial members. While the aquatic variety of snails is beneficial to the gardener's pond or to the aquarium owner because it effectively cleans and removes sediments form the water, the terrestrial snails are usually a far cry from being helpful.They have a propensity of munching on greens, leaving unsightly holes wherever thy feast.

Snails and slugs are very similar, but snails are more attractive because they carry a ''home''. Yet, both of them are destructive in the same way, often causing gardeners to rush to their closest gardening center for some products.

While products that attract slugs and snails and kill them pretty much effectively do the job, they are mostly chemical and therefore toxic for the garden soil and often to small animals and pets. It comes natural therefore to seek less harmful manners to get rid of these annoying pests.

There are indeed various ways to repel and kill snails and slugs without resorting to chemicals. Some of this were the old fashioned ways farmers got rid of them before pesticides and other chemical concoctions were invented. Following are some natural methods to get rid of both snails and slugs.

-Walking on Egg Shells

Walking over them bare foot may really hurt! No sound of mind snail or slug will enjoy crawling over them to get to their lettuce. Simply place some crushed egg shells at the base of your favorite plants so they will make a barrier that will keep them away. As an alternative, pine needles may work as well.

-Empty Orange

Cut an orange in half, collect the juice and remove the pulp from the orange. Save the emptied out, concave half orange and place it near the most infested areas in the evening. Place the juice in the refrigerator. In the morning, before having breakfast, check the emptied orange, you will find lots of slugs and snails inside. Then head back home and open the refrigerator and enjoy a fresh glass of home made O.J.!

-Let Them Get Drunk

When it comes to drinking, snails and slugs are avid drinkers that will enjoy a beer every now and then. Fill a shallow pie pan and fill it with beer. Place it out in the evening. By morning, they will enjoyed their beer, cheers!

- Adopt a Garter Snake or a Toad

Both will likely dine on snails and slugs. To allow toads to stick around create a toad house.Box turtles, in particular love to feed on slugs. Garter snakes instead appreciate rocks, try to create a rock garden for them, they will love it!

-Use Copper

For some reason snails and slugs dislike copper. If you put out strips of copper wire or copper mattings, the pests will very likely not cross over them.

-Get Them Salted

This is mostly for those with a strong stomach and that want to kill the slugs instantly. Simply gather the most slugs as possible and drop on them some salt. This will literally melt them which is not the ideal method for the faint of heart.

As seen, there are various natural ways to keep snails and slugs at bay. There are also some organic remedies now even sold at gardener's stores. With less snails and slugs, you will see less and less destruction and you will allow time for your favorite plants to finally recover from the extensive damage.