Become a friend

Yes, that's right – it costs just £5.00 annual membership to
become a Friend of Green Peas & Grow Mayow Community garden

What is a Friends Group?
A Friends Group is usually made up of local residents who have formed because they have a common interest in a local green space. The aim of the Committee behind the Friends
Group is usually to support a green space through working in partnership with local authorities
in order to achieve some of the following:

•To provide up to date information to the local community about any aspects directly affecting the green space.
•To identify resources to enable improvements to the green space.
•To organise events or activities for the local community
•To promote, preserve and protect the green space and wildlife that inhabits it for future generations.
•To help to make a green space safer for all.

What will your £5.00 go towards?
We currently publish a bi-annual Newsletter that is sent to members.
Some of our members do not have emails, so your £5.00 will go towards printing and postage costs. However, where we can save money, we do.

Although Grow Mayow Community Garden is owned by Lewisham Council, we do not receive any direct funding, so for future projects and events, we rely entirely on donations and support from other sources in order to bring these initiatives to life.
You can also join our events and will be the first to know about our workshops & courses.

What you can do in addition
Please help us by joining our Friends Group. Your donations will go towards improvements of the Garden and events which ultimately benefit the local community.
Email us and we send you a membership form.
Thank you