We are a voluntary non profit organisation in South London, we grow food ,herbs, flowers, we sell, and help others to grow

People and the community
A workers’ co-operative. This is a form of organisation where the activities are managed by the workers directly, without the need for separate managers, owners, or bosses. Green Peas is a not-for-profit organisation and soly relies on voluntary contributions and grant fundings.

We want to see a world based on equality and co-operation, where people can take control over all aspects of their lives. Taking collective control over our own work is a starting point…
Within Green Peas we have Grow Mayow the nursery and community garden, here you will see many examples of permaculture food growing in practice. This includes companion planting – putting beneficial plants side-by-side, rainwater harvesting system, and recycling of materials.

As well as considering permaculture in our food growing, we aim to apply the idea of permaculture and interconnecting elements to our work away from the site. This includes encouraging others to get involved in our projects.

Green Peas initiatives

•Support people to develop in horticulture skills.
•Training, workshops and other learning We give practical support to local community groups and organisations that want to start or develop their own food growing projects.
•We sell seasonal vegetables and growing resources (like compost) with planting advice
on site.