How to get Started

Improve your soil by digging in leaf mould or garden compost.
Make your own compost by recycling vegetable peelings, tea bags and plant prunings.
Prevent weeds from growing by spreading a blanket of composted bark across the surface of bare soil.
Choose naturally pest and disease resistant varieties of vegetables and fruit.
Make your garden a haven for wildlife and beneficial insects and animals will control many pests for you including slugs, greenfly and snails.
Use biological controls to control many pest problems in the garden or greenhouse.
Accept a degree of imperfection and you'll learn to live without fertilisers and pesticides.
Stressed plants are vulnerable to disease, so keep them well watered.
companion planting - strongly scented flowers are planted next to edible crops to deter pests.
Regular inspection of your garden and plants will help to prevent problems from getting out of hand